Mercedes-Benz F1 Tech Already Banned for 2021!

February 29th, 2020 by

Mercedes-Benz has always been an innovator, even when it comes to racing. That’s especially held true in the Formula 1 Series, which Mercedes-Benz has continued to lead due to both technical triumph and talented drivers. Yet, their newest piece of technology that was unveiled at recent F1 pre-season races has already been banned for next year, even without having even been seen in official season races for 2020.

Mercedes call their novel steering system 'DAS'

The technology is called Dual-Axis Steering, and Mercedes made the F1 governing body FIA aware just last fall, and F1 is already banning it for the 2021 season. DAS allows drivers to control what in F1 is called the toe of the tires; normally F1 vehicles can only have the toe out, but doing so isn’t ideal for driving in a straight line. So by being able to manipulate this, and change the direction of the toe based on being in a straight or in the curves could provide an exceptional advantage.

The funny party is, the F1 technical team doesn’t even know what kind of advantage it could provide: They’ve suggested heat distribution, aero dynamics, rolling resistance, and other advantages but have not been able to establish any specific advantage. Current rules from FIA even prohibit suspension manipulation, but the way DAS tech apparently fits snugly between the grey areas of the rules for the 2020 season.

Even Lewis Hamilton isn’t quite sure how the technology works, but that’s completely fine; as long as Mercedes continues to innovate for its vehicles, both commercial and racing, then it just means a better time for anyone driving a Mercedes.

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