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How to Negotiate Pre-Owned Car Price

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A lot of Wichita drivers shudder at the thought of haggling with a used car salesperson. But it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience, and most dealerships expect to negotiate. Mostly, it just takes a little preparation and knowing how to negotiate a pre-owned car price. To help out our neighbors, Mercedes-Benz of Wichita has put together some useful car negotiation tips below.

Be Prepared

Every Kansas City car shopper who knows how to negotiate a pre-owned car price knows to do their homework before stepping foot on the dealer’s lot. You should arrive already knowing what you can budget for, what your desired car’s value is, and how much that car is selling for in your area. Here are some car negotiation tips about what you should research before you buy a car:

  • What size of a down payment and monthly payment is right for your budget
  • What the value of your desired car is. You can find this on websites like
  • What your desired car is selling for at other dealerships. Look for special deals and promotions run by those dealerships
  • Check out our pre-owned vehicle specials

How to Negotiate a Pre-Owned Car Price

So, you’ve chosen the right car for your Merriam commute, and you’ve armed yourself with knowledge from all of the research and homework you’ve done. What now? Follow the steps below:

How to Negotiate a Pre-Owned Car Price

  • Thoroughly inspect the car, making note of problems that might give you leverage in your negotiation.
  • Ask for a maintenance record. Any issues on the maintenance record or the absence of a maintenance record can be used as leverage.
  • Ask what the full price of the car is, including dealer’s fees and taxes.
  • If the sticker price is higher than either the value you found in your research or a deal offered by another dealership, show that research and ask if that price can be matched or beaten.
  • Remember, this is just business, so keep it friendly.

Come See the Quality Used Cars at Mercedes-Benz of Wichita

We have a great selection of pre-owned automobiles at our dealership, and we always endeavor to offer them at the fairest price possible. Why not drop by for a test drive. And, if you found these car negotiation tips to be helpful, check out our helpful post on what’s considered good mileage for a pre-owned car. We’re conveniently located within driving distance of Salina, so drop in or give us a call.

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