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Mercedes-Benz models offer luxury, class and comfort, but they also offer incredible capability and handling. The Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC® all-wheel drive system is available on over a dozen Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz S-Class, E-Class and CLS-Class models. This enables you to tackle mud, rocks, snow and ice as if they were asphalt. This system engages all four wheels, helping you make the most of available traction. Power is sent to the wheels with the most grip on the road while at the same time pulsing the brake on the slipping wheel, helping to send torque back to the gripping wheel. This allows you to get out of a tight spot, even if only one wheel has traction at a given time. You can test-drive any Mercedes-Benz equipped with 4MATIC® all-wheel drive at our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Wichita, KS.

The 4MATIC® all-wheel drive system focuses on many different factors at once, constantly adjusting to how your vehicle is reacting to the road. Weight distribution, wheel speeds and mixed-friction surfaces are all monitored so that the system can respond appropriately when its needed. A combination of individual brakes and a reduction of excess brake output work together to send the right amount of torque to each wheel, helping to keep you driving steady even if you hit a patch of ice. Where other cars might spin out or get stuck, the Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC® all-wheel drive models will be able to continue with business as usual.

Ever since the first designs for an all-wheel drive vehicle came out in 1903, there have been leaps and bounds made to constantly improve the technology. Today, Mercedes-Benz continues that work by constantly updating and improving the 4MATIC® all-wheel drive system to keep you and your loved ones safe in all conditions. Test-drive a new Mercedes-Benz model at Mercedes-Benz of Wichita today!

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